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Optima Analytics Inc is a Canadian Company that is seeking opportunities in the rapidly growing industry of AI and Analytical solutions.

According to the market research firm Tractica, the global artificial intelligence software market is expected to experience massive growth in the coming years, with revenues increasing from around 9.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2018 to an expected 118.6 billion by 2025. Optima Analytics plans to find a spot in that growing market. Currently, Optima Analytics is seeking clients in the Canadian market. The Canadian AI market is a promising start to the Optima business.

Optima Analytics Inc is a Canadian Business Founded in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Optima Analytics team has a strong interest in Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Data Analytics, and Optimization Techniques.

Making better decisions.

While new data sources have improved the science of marketing analytics, “art” retains an important role; business judgment is needed to challenge or validate approaches, but creativity is necessary to develop new ways of using data or to identify new opportunities for unlocking data. These “soft” skills are beneficial because data availability and quality can run the gamut. For instance, while online data allow “audience reached” to be measured in great detail, other consumer data are often highly aggregated and difficult to access. But such challenges shouldn’t impede the use of data for better decision making.

Integrate capabilities to generate insights.

Although some companies rely on just one analytical technique, the greatest returns come when analytical tools are used in concert. An integrated approach, which includes pulling in direct-response data and insights, reduces the biases inherent in any one analytical method and provides business leaders with the flexibility to shift the budget toward activities that produce the most bang for their buck.

The pressure on business leaders to demonstrate return on investment from a diverse marketing program portfolio is only increasing. The data to make smarter decisions are available, as are the analytical tools. We believe that taking an integrated analytics approach is the key to uncovering meaningful insights and driving above-market growth for brands.


Here is a list of the current services that Optima Analytics offer.

Data Analysis

Do you want to extract some insights from your business data? We offer to analyze your data in a secure environment. Our data sharing protocol guarantees privacy and security in any outsourced data analysis jobs.


We provide consultation services for your choices of technology and expected solutions to improve the profit of your business.

AI Solutions

We build customized AI solutions for your problem. Based on the challenge of the problem, we investigate the best strategy along with an implementation plan.

Optimization Solutions

We provide optimizing solutions to a variety of business and software setups. We leverage top algorithms and techniques to apply the optimization.

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